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A Little about me

Hey there! I’m Adam, a photographer based in the Kingston, Ontario area.

I picked up my first camera, a Canon 35mm SLR, about 22 years ago. I quickly developed a passion for capturing meaningful, candid moments, and since the first clack of the shutter on that old Canon film camera, photography has been a driving force in my life.

For 22 years, I’ve been happy to let photography exist as a hobby in my life, shooting photos for friends and family, and for my own personal projects and artistic endeavors. I’ve shot family photos, portraits, weddings and receptions, band photoshoots, live music sets, and the list goes on.

After many years of doing pro bono work (or accepting cases of beer as payment) it’s time to make a transition and start earning a living doing the thing that I love.

Keep scrolling to see some of my work :)

Some of my work

My Photographic philosophy

Capture Real Moments

My shooting style leans toward the candid. I’m in my element when I’m present, in the moment, and capturing real memories as they’re being created. Orchestrating a moment can be fun and can produce beautiful results, but capturing a real moment full of honest emotion can’t be replicated.

Stay Light

I like to move freely. I prefer to shoot with a small camera and minimalist equipment. I prefer not to drag a suitcase full of lighting equipment, stands and other heavy gear around with me. I have a minimalist lighting setup and I use it when necessary, but I prefer shooting with natural light when possible.

Quality Over Quantity

There’s a trap that many photographers fall into. They overpromise. They guarantee that if you pay them a certain amount of money, you’ll get a certain number of photos. They choose numbers like 600, or 800, or 1200.

I’m not going to promise you 1200 photos.

My promise?

I will be there. I will be present. I will be easy to work with. I will shoot hundreds (or possibly thousands) of photos.

I will spend hours, days, or weeks curating and editing those photos. My goal is to ensure that the photos you receive speak to the best that I am capable of, not how many times I can click the shutter in a given afternoon.

Provide Value

Part of being easy to work with is ensuring my prices are fair, and you get value for your money. I don’t shoot with a $5000 camera. That means when I give you a quote for my services, it will be a fair price because I’m not asking you to help pay for my equipment.



Travel Photographer

2020-present, Hobbes Graphika

Photography Lecturer

2020-2021, University of Falworth


BA in Visual Arts

2019, University of Falworth

High School Diploma

2015, Lorelei High School for the Arts

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